5 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities For Kids


The holidays can be a wonderful time to spoil your children with all the gifts they’ve been wanting throughout the year. However, it can also be a great time to teach them the power of volunteering and helping others. The holidays are a great time to take your child to a food bank, assisted living home, etc. since they are often off school for several weeks at the end of the year. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities for your child, consider the following options.

  1. Work at a food pantry: Not only can you donate food items to your local food pantry, you can also have your child help volunteer at the shelter. Many food shelters need help stocking the pantry, organizing items and even helping to check out customers. This is a great way for your child to learn the value of helping those less fortunate
  2. Visit a nursing home: Having your child spend time at a nursing home is a mutually beneficial way to volunteer. Many of the elderly people living at the assisted living homes look forward to having young kids to spend time with and your children will learn how to interact with those that are older than them. Consider having your child make holiday cards for those at the nursing home and hand deliver the cards right before the holidays.
  3. Deliver meals: If you have time a couple days before the holidays or even on the day of, delivering meals is a great way to volunteer. There are many local charity food services that are always looking for people who can hand deliver hot meals and companionship to those in need.
  4. Visit an animal shelter: The animals at the local animal shelter are desperate for affection and attention. If your child is an animal lover, consider visiting your local animal shelter. Whether you take the animals on a walk or clean up dirty litter boxes, any bit of help will be much appreciated.
  5. Clean up outside: Find a local park or simply walk through your neighborhood picking up trash with your child. When you do this, it’s important you and your child wear gloves and that you supervise your child closely to ensure nothing dangerous is picked up.


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