Affordable Summer Field Trips for Kids


During the summer, it’s easy for kids to get bored without school to keep them busy. If you are ready for your kids to get out and about, consider taking them on a fun field trip alone or with a group of friends. Many people think field trips require a lot of money, but there are a number of them that are very affordable. Next time your kids get antsy to do something this summer, consider one of the field trip options below.

Nature Hike

Early in the morning, before it gets too hot outside, take a trip to a local nature preserve or hiking trail. Print out a fun natural trail checklist so the kids can make a check whenever they spot an acorn, ladybug, feather, etc.


Not only will your kids love seeing where apples, cherries, lemons, etc. come from, most orchards will let you take some fruit home with you. With the fruit you receive, you can make a pie or bake something else that lets your kids see fruit from start to finish.


Many local bakeries love to show kids what goes on behind the scenes. Call ahead and make sure your bakery allows “tours.” It’s not unusual to get a sweet treat out of the deal too!


While Major League Baseball tickets can get pricey, most towns have at least one minor league team that offers tickets at a very discounted price. Many ballparks even have special games where they cater to kids or give away cool items.

Animal Shelter

Take your kids to the local animal shelter and spend some time with the adoptable dogs and cats. Not only will your kids love this, the animals will be grateful for some much needed TLC!

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