Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Dishes


On Thanksgiving Day, most people think of overeating. However, if you have a picky child, they could do the opposite. Some of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes like green bean casserole, potato salad and stuffing may not be appetizing to a young child. By taking the time to prepare a few kid-friendly dishes, you increase the chance your child will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.


When thinking through what dishes your child would enjoy this Thanksgiving, get him or her involved in the process. If your child is included in the cooking process, he or she is much more likely to eat the dish. This is also a great way to connect with your child and teach them the value of a healthy (yet tasty) side dish.



Some of the dishes you already make on Thanksgiving may be turned into kid-friendly dishes with just a few slight tweaks. For instance, a standard broccoli dish can be morphed into cheesy rice with broccoli with very few additional steps and your child will likely go crazy for it. Brussels sprouts are another example. By themselves, they are not that appetizing to children. However, throw in some cranberries and a balsamic glaze and they take on an entirely different taste.


Many parents can get too worried their child won’t eat a single thing on the table. There is so much going on Thanksgiving Day, it shouldn’t be an extra stress on you to find dishes for your child to eat. Sit down before you create your grocery list and learn what your child may want to add to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. You never know—they may add a dish they becomes a staple for years to come! Here is a list of kid-friendly Thanksgiving side dishes that may be helpful.


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