Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


Buying your child a costume at a Halloween-specific store any time in October can be chaotic. Not only that, costumes sell out very quickly—especially the popular ones most kids want! If you have yet to buy your child’s Halloween costume, consider making one at home. Not only will you save money, you can avoid the mass chaos of the party stores this time of year.

A Friendly Ghost

There’s a reason classic costume costumes never go out of style—they’re too cute! This old school ghost costume can be made using white fleece, stiff black felt and fabric glue.

A Lumberjack

Using mostly supplies you have at home, this costume is adorable for young boys. A flannel shirt, blue jeans and suspenders can turn your little guy into a tree-chopping lumberjack! Make a beard with felt and create an axe out of cardboard and a wooden stick to complete the costume.


A Scuba Diver

Your kids will be ready to dive into Halloween with this adorable costume. Black shirts and pants are the base for this simple costume. Two 2-litter bottles, spray paint, rope and a few other supplies you’re likely to have around the house turn closet staples into a costume of the year!

An Army Man

If you’ve got green spray paint, you’ve got a costume. This fun boy’s costume can be created using adorable clothing (which you can find at a thrift store), an army costume (can be found at a toy store), cardboard and tons of green spray paint. Before you now it, you’ll have yourself a little army man!


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