5 Fun Kid-Friendly Cinco de Mayo Activities


Although Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico, it has become an American tradition to go all-out when celebrating May 5th. Cinco de Mayo can also be a great opportunity for you to teach your children about the traditions of other cultures. Below are five ways you can educate your children about the culture of Mexico.

Make Your Favorite Foods

Most kids love to cook. Find your kids’ favorite Mexican dishes and create them together as an ode to the holiday. Guacamole is something simple you can make with your child. You can also make tacos or enchiladas if you prefer to make an entire meal together.

Build Your Own Maracas

Traditional Mexican maracas were built using dried gourds and filled with fried beans. To make a modern-day maraca, simply use leftover smoothie containers and fill them with beans, rice, pasta or even beads. To see the full directions, click here.

Break A Piñata

Piñatas are the epitome of a Mexican celebration. Most discount and party stores sell piñatas at a reasonable price. Have your child invite over a few friends and let them take turns hitting the piñata, blindfolded. They will love when the piñata is broken and they are able to grab the candy.

Make Homemade Tortillas

Tortillas are some of the most simple foods to make. Having your child make this basic food with you is a great way to teach him or her the benefit of homemade versus store bought foods.

Learn The Vocabulary

Many kids will learn some Spanish vocabulary in school, but it is nice to review these words with them on Cinco de Mayo. Try beginning with basic terms, like “hello” and “goodbye.” Slowly incorporate numbers, colors and days of the week.

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