When Is A Urinary Catheter Needed?


When hearing the words urinary catheter (often also referred to as a foley catheter), we often relate it to elderly people. However, there are instances where a young child may need a urinary catheter. While it isn’t the most pleasant thing to imagine for your child, it can be necessary. Read below to see when your child may need a urinary catheter.


A soft, thin flexible tube, a urinary catheter is placed into the bladder to help drain urine. This can either be done in an operating room, exam room or hospital room.


If your child has recently undergone surgery, suffered an injury or developed a sickness that prevents him or her from getting up to use the restroom, a catheter may be needed. Some medication may also cause your child to have difficulty emptying his or her bladder, which would require a catheter.

In some cases, a urinary tract infection is suspected and the child is too young to provide a specimen. In this situation, a catheter may be gently inserted in order to obtain a specimen for urinalysis and urine culture.

In rare instances, your child’s doctor may need to measure exactly how much urine your child passes, which can be done through the use of a catheter.


If your child needs a urine catheter, he or she will lie on an exam table or hospital bed while a doctor prepares to insert the catheter. On one end of the catheter is a balloon, while the other end has two ports that are use to inflate the balloon and collect the urine. A doctor will use a lubricant to help slide the catheter in as painlessly as possible.


If you believe your child needs a urinary catheter, rest assured that Medical City Children’s Urgent Care has pediatricians that are board certified, offer convenient access to the expert care you need right when you need it and are even open after hours or on the weekend.

Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you or your child.


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