Helping Your Child Choose a Hobby

iStock-186566205.jpgSome children may show an interested in certain activities or hobbies at a very young age, while others may need a parent to help them figure out what they enjoy doing. Whether it’s sports, arts, dance, or something completely unique, there are a few ways to steer your child towards the activity that would be a great fit for him or her. When deciding what hobby your child would excel at, it’s important to determine if they’re most interested in a physical, mental or creative outlet.


Activities that are more physical give your child the ability to become stronger, fitter and generally healthier. Outside of the typical sports offered at your child’s school and in the community, consider activities such as skiing, horseback riding and sailing. If your child enjoys playing outdoors and has a competitive nature, a physical hobby might be the best fit. 


There are many benefits to your child participating in a hobby that provides mental stimulation. Games like chess, puzzles, and reading can provide your child with a lifelong hobby that can be enjoyed no matter what age he or she is. If your child loves to learn and always wants to know how things work, a mentally stimulating hobby might be a good idea.


If your child displays a love for all things creative, a hobby such as singing, acting or playing a musical instrument is ideal. A creative hobby is a great creative outlet for your child as well as a great form of self-expression.

Encourage your child to embrace whatever he or she is interested in. They may try several hobbies before landing on the one they’re most passionate about. Continue to check in on the Medical City Children’s Urgent Care blog for more kid-friendly activities, healthy living tips and medical information. We love to make your life as a parent as easy as possible!

Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you or your child.

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