Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts For Kids

preparations for autumn craft with kids at home.When your child is home for Thanksgiving break, he or she will likely need some activities to stay busy. Having a few craft ideas on hand is perfect for those times when your child gets bored. Let him or her know that you will proudly display these Thanksgiving-themed crafts during your Thanksgiving get together too!

Paper-Bag Turkey

Not only is this craft festive, it’s perfect to make during snack time. This simple craft can be created using printer paper, brown paper lunch bags, popcorn and a large brown paper shopping bag. Follow these directions to make the turkey, then fill the bag with popcorn and enjoy!

Balloon Cornucopia

This craft can double as a table centerpiece or homemade decoration. All you need is different colored balloons, tape, green paper and a brown paper bag. Have your child make his or her favorite fruit and vegetables and explain the benefits of each for an added educational touch.

Painted Handprint Turkey

With only four supplies, your child can create a beautiful turkey. Paint, a paintbrush, paper and markers are all you need for your child to complete this craft. This is also a fun craft to do annually so you can see how much bigger your child’s hand gets each year!

Pilgrim Paper Hat

This craft can be both fun and educational. With white poster board, construction paper, scissors, tape and glue, your child can get into the spirit of the holiday and pretend he or she is a pilgrim.

Caramel Apples

Give your child something to do and a tasty treat to enjoy with these easy caramel apples. By adding fun ingredients like sprinkles, chocolate chips, candy corn and nuts, your child can get creative with their apple. Be sure to let the apples chill overnight or they will be too hard to eat.

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