4 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

iStock_102116259_MEDIUM.jpgSatisfying your child’s (or your own!) Halloween costume ideas while keeping things on a budget can be a struggle each year. Halloween stores are usually only open a few months a year, so they raise prices high enough to make up for the remainder of the year. If you have the time, it is often easier to make your child’s costume at home to avoid over-priced costumes. Below are a few options for DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Flight Attendant

This look can easily be made with things you likely have lying around the house already. All you need is a white button down shirt, a navy or red skirt, silk neck scarf, luggage of some type (it may be easier to have something that isn’t on wheels if you or your child plan to walk around) and an airline wing pin. If you are like most people and didn’t save the pilots wings you were given as a kid, you can easily recreate them using foam and a sharpie.

Rosie the Riverter

Perhaps the easiest of Halloween getups to create, Rosie the Riverter only requires a denim shirt and a red tied bandana. Tip for photo opportunities: don’t forget to flex that muscle!


This is a fun group or family costume. To make the emojis, you need cardboard, yellow spray paint, acrylic paint (in white, black and red), paintbrushes, a pencil and string. So that the yellow emojis really pop, wearing all black underneath the cardboard cutouts is a good idea.

Where’s Waldo?

If you’ve got a red and white striped shirt, a beanie and a pair of round, black-rimmed glasses, you’ve got a Waldo costume. Bonus points for a beanie with a giant pompom on top like the real Waldo!

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