Ear Piercing Care For Children

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Most girls dream about the day they can get their ears pierced. As soon as young girls realize mom wears pretty jewelry, they want to mimic that. However, when your daughter gets her ears pierced is a very personal decision – both for you and her. It’s also important to know there are potential risks associated with ear piercing. Being educated on these risks as well as other common questions is smart before you take your daughter to get her ears pierced.

What is the right age?

Experts advise that children are at least 6 months old before getting their ears pierced. Because the immune systems of infants are still developing, they are more prone to infection. Waiting until a child is at least 6 months old cuts down on the potential greatly. At Medical City Children’s Hospital Urgent Care, we are able to start ear piercing at the age of 5-years-old. However, if you want your child to make their own informed decision on ear piercing, age 10 is recommended.

What metal is best?

When choosing your daughter’s first earrings, it’s essential to pay attention to the metal type. Surgical stainless-steel earrings and posts are the safest as they don’t contain nickel or any alloys that may cause an allergic reaction. Other safe options include platinum, titanium and 14K gold.

Where should you go?

It’s always smart to try your dermatologist or pediatrician first; however, if they don’t do piercings, find out where they recommend. Once you’ve found a place you feel comfortable, you should be sure the technician follows basic safety protocol such as washing their hands, using gloves and cleaning your daughter’s earlobes.

How do I care for the piercings?

It’s crucial to avoid infection after your daughter’s ears are pierced. Clean your own hands before touching your child’s ears. Twice a day, clean the front and back of the earrings with a cotton ball dampened by hydrogen peroxide or cleaning solution. The earrings should be gently rotated a few times a day and should not be removed for six weeks. Your daughter should keep earrings of some sort in for 6 months to avoid the hole closing.

If your daughter is interested in getting her ears pierced, visit Medical City Children’s Hospital Urgent Care. Our technicians are highly qualified and will treat your child with the utmost care.

Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you or your child.

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