4 Fun After-School Activities

Fruit dessert for child

By the time summer is done, kids (and parents) are often ready for school to return. However, once school is out each day, your child will likely be looking for something to keep busy. While homework needs to be completed, there are also a number of fun after-school activities that your child can enjoy as an alternative to sitting in front of the TV all afternoon and evening.

Get Creative With Snack Art

Most kids get hungry after school. Have your child help out with their after-school snack by creating fun snack art. A few examples are sandwiches cut by cookie cutters, fun creatures made from hard-boiled eggs and healthy dips served with animal crackers.

Build An Art Gallery

Have your child get creative outside with sidewalk chalk. Offer suggestions for an artwork theme, such as family members, favorite animals, etc. and let your child go crazy. Invite neighbors over to check it out and vote on their favorite drawings.

Do Something Nice For A Friend

Decide on a friend or neighbor who is in need and do something nice for him or her. Whether you water the plants of an out-of-town neighbor, bake cookies for a friend who’s been sick or simply go visit an assisted living home for senior citizens, teaching your son or daughter to give of their time is a great activity and life lesson.

Go Exploring

Take a walk to a new park or go on a bike ride to the library on a different path. Wherever you decide to explore, make sure it’s somewhere new and exciting that will get your child wanting to be outdoors.

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