5 Most Contagious Classroom Illnesses

My daughter isn't afraid to pay a visit here

Whether it’s in the classroom or even at daycare after school, your child is exposed to many illnesses being around other children. While it’s impossible to keep your child from being exposed, there are things you can do to ensure he or she remains healthy and at a lower risk of catching the illness-of-the-week. Below are the most contagious classroom illnesses and what you can do to keep your child healthy.

Colds: The common cold is just that: common. Sniffles, sneezes and possibly a sore throat are all signs that your child, or someone in their classroom, is suffering from a cold. In fact, children catch as many as eight colds each year. 

Sore Throats: It’s referred to as a sore throat, strep throat and even tonsillitis, but it all refers to the same thing: an illness for your child.  The most common cause of a sore throat for children is a viral infection, with most children suffering from a sore throat also experiencing a cold at the same time. 

Coughs: Because young children should generally steer clear of over-the-counter cough medication, a cough is easily spread and not easy to treat. Alongside coughing, your child may also have a runny nose, blocked nose and difficulty sleeping. 

Vomiting: While vomiting will usually go away without medication, it’s still a miserable illness for your child to catch and can even result in dehydration. If your child is vomiting, be sure he or she is well hydrated. 

Diarrhea: If your child suffers from diarrhea, it’s essential that you monitor for signs of dehydration. Most children can continue to eat a normal diet when experiencing this illness, although you may want to give him or her smaller amounts of food than normal so you don’t disrupt his or her stomach.

If your child is exposed to an illness in the classroom, there are a few ways to help your child reduce their risk. Teach your child to never eat or drink after another child and to always wash his or her hands before eating. If you believe your child is ill, keep them at home to minimize the risk of other children getting sick, as well.

If your child is ill and in need of medical attention, consider seeking care at an urgent care facility. At Medical City Children’s Urgent Care, our technicians are highly qualified and will treat your child with the utmost care.

Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you or your child.

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