4 Easy DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids

Mother And Daughter Lying On Floor And Painting Picture

When your children are at home during the summer, chances are they will come to you often looking for something to do. While a trip to the pool or even the park can be nice on a warm summer day, it’s smart to have several indoor crafts and projects on hand for them to work on too. Below are several DIY projects that your child may enjoy doing this summer.

Water Bottle Piggy Bank

Not only is this piggy bank a fun craft, but also a good way to introduce your child to saving money. With an empty plastic beverage bottle, colored paper, acrylic paint, ear templates and wood beads, you can create a cute coin bank in the shape of a piggy.

Tin-Can Wind Chime

If you have old tin cans, acrylic paint and an embroidery hoop, you can easily make a charming wind chime that can hang in your child’s room. Your child will enjoy painting various designs on the cans and layering the colored cans to create the chime.

Photo Scrapbook

Looking through old photos for a scrapbook page can be a fun way to introduce children to family members they haven’t met yet and to show them photos of when they were younger. Allow your child to choose the photos he or she likes most and let them decorate the page however they like so they can tap into their creative side. Make sure they know this is their page.

Rock Animal Buddies

One of the easiest crafts to make with your child is a rock animal buddy. The rocks can be collected outdoors (try to get one large rock and one smaller rock) before starting on the craft. Paint both rocks a solid color, let them dry, then paint details (spots, stripes, etc.) and facial features on the smaller rock. Once everything has been painted, use a hot glue gun to secure the smaller rock to the larger rock and add the ears (cut from construction paper).

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