5 Tips For a Fun Family Vacation

Family on the Beach

It’s that time of year: school has just ended and it’s time to start preparing for a family vacation. While vacations can be a memorable and enjoyable experience, they can also be stressful, especially when traveling with children. If you’re planning a trip somewhere as a family this summer, there are five things you can do to ensure everyone has a great time.

  1. Communicate with the kids. If you want to book a trip that everyone will enjoy, it’s important that you discuss destinations and plans with each member of the family, including the kids. Kids’ interests change each year, so one year they may want to visit DisneyLand and the next, they may be more interested in the beach. To be sure everyone is happy, talk through the plans prior to booking anything.
  2. Come prepared. Whether you’re driving or flying, it’s important to bring age-appropriate distractions along for the kids. These distractions may include coloring books, audio books or educational apps on your smart phone. Also be sure to bring headphones so others traveling with you aren’t bothered by the noise
  3. Pack light. Because younger children may not be able to carry their own luggage, it’s smart to minimize the amount of clothes everyone brings. Make an effort to mix and match clothes if possible and bring staples, like blue jeans and basic shirts, which can be worn over again if needed.
  4. Rest up. In order to fully enjoy a trip, it’s important that everyone has gotten plenty of sleep the night before vacation begins. It’s also a good idea to schedule rest times in during the trip as well so everyone can have a bit of down time and not feel exhausted by the end of the trip.
  5. Remain flexible. It’s easy to get caught up in maintaining a schedule on vacations. With so many activities to do and a limited amount of time to do them in, time can begin to feel crunched. If something goes off schedule or doesn’t end up happening, it’s OK. If it’s an important activity, it can be rescheduled. Otherwise don’t stress if not everything goes according to schedule.

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Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you or your child.

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