How to Teach Your Kids About Earth Day

KidEarthDayTeaching your child about Earth Day is a great way to show the value of keeping the planet clean and the importance of recycling. Because kids tend to be hands-on learners, having your child participate in activities focused around Earth Day is an excellent way to teach him or her about it. Below are a few ways you can teach your child about Earth Day in a way that is sure to stick with them.

Make a customized reusable tote bag

Teach your child that reusing a tote bag, instead of using the traditional paper or plastic bag, is a great way to help the environment. Reusable tote bags can typically be found in a craft store and can be decorated using acrylic paint, fabric markers, stickers, rhinestones and even stencils. Your child can use his or her bag for shopping, carrying snacks or transporting toys.

Reuse arts and crafts supplies

Studies have shown that more than 13,000 landfills in the U.S. contain waste material that, unfortunately, can’t be recycled or moved until it decomposes. Instead of contributing to that number, reuse cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, magazines, ribbons, buttons, etc. as arts and crafts supplies. For example, a former milk jug can easily be transformed into a birdfeeder or a flowerpot. Work together with your child to create several items, sell to family and friends and then choose an earth-friendly charity, such as World Wildlife Fund, to donate profits to. The entire experience will promote a healthy mindset toward the earth.

Create a trash pick-up game

Encourage your kids to keep the earth clean by creating a trash pick-up game. Choose a location, such as your neighborhood, and see who can fill up the most trash bags first. Be sure to use gloves when picking up trash. This is also a great time to introduce your kids to what decomposing means. Explain how some pieces of trash take longer to decompose, such as a plastic bag, which can take more than 10 years to decompose.

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